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The northern lights are a mystery so incredibly alluring they’ve drawn visitors north for centuries. They are, however, only one of many reasons the far north – Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Spitsbergen within the Svalbard archipelago – make up some of the most extraordinarily beautiful and unique destinations on the planet.

This region is easily accessible yet so remote and so very different from down under that it will leave you in awe. Scandinavia, the Nordics and the high Arctic, where the northern lights soar, offer beautiful landscapes, modern dynamic cities and traditional towns and regional areas. There are also spectacular fjords, islands, archipelagos, live volcanoes, colossal mountain ranges, unique wildlife and open ocean. The diversity of the region that falls beneath the northern lights is dramatic and extensive. Blend in a European culture and traditional indigenous communities who have a mutual love for this part of the world and it means that during a visit here you’ll witness some of the globe’s most progressive nations.

The magic of the northern lights seems to have cast a spell over this part of the world. We continue to learn from locals who are down to earth, modest and community minded. These communities embrace and value nature and have their own words – often difficult to translate – that celebrate being outdoors. Many also celebrate and embrace the arts, sport, innovation and sustainability. The food is beautiful with a focus on fresh ocean-to-plate cuisine. The locals have a love for life that will fill your heart, mind and stomach with goodness.

Head north and dance beneath the lights. Learn, be amazed and you – like me – will find yourself returning again and again.

Damian Perry Managing Director, Asia-Pacific Mobile: +61 410 220 762

Have you heard of friluftsliv?

Deeply engrained in Norway's culture, friluftsliv loosely translates to “open-air living", a term used to describe the healing properties of spending time outdoors in nature.

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